Spring Shows

It seems like Maine is finally, blissfully thawing out after a long winter. On a global scale, I am grateful for the many months of bitter cold and piles of snow. In my own life, though, it’s nice to shed some layers of clothing and emerge into the buzzing local energy of pre-tourist season. To that end, I’ve been writing, tinkering, and recording some demos at home. There are a handful of shows coming up, including the next edition of Quill’s acoustic open mic. Quill is an amazing community space that prioritizes and celebrates queer identities, experiences, and art. I’ve been hosting the open mic there for nearly a year(!) and it’s been a treat to see a community coalesce within its dark blue walls. If you’re feeling a shortage of ukulele orchestras, accordion-accompanied tales of yore, anxiety jokes, and cartoon sing-alongs in your life, then please join us on May 3rd.

This month, Juniper Ginger entered NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest for the first time – and also lent a helping hand to SnugHouse and Dead Gowns. Maine is well-represented in this year’s contest, including friends Oliver Waterman, Jeanette Villanuevas, and Bellatrix.

In addition to our spring shows, SnugHouse is gearing up for a summer tour. Some shows have been announced, and you can keep an eye out for a full tour announcement along with some new goodies. 🙂 In between shows, we’re carving out time to write together and to explore new songs and sounds. Now with 5 full time members, SnugHouse is discovering the beautiful alchemy of collaboration in our creative and business spheres. I can’t wait to share our newest ideas on the road this summer!

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