Friends & where we’ve been lately

It has been a whirlwind start to 2018. This SnugHouse thing is really taking off! I feel very grateful to have found a group of people who care about making music that is deliberate and thoughtful. Whenever I contribute a song I can feel confident that it will take on a new life, which is great because 1. in a broad sense, songs should transcend artists. While I try to honor the original context of the art I experience, the way that songs can become something unique for each listener is one of the major reasons I write them. So I also think it’s important to allow and encourage my songs to breathe. Also, 2. it takes the pressure off of me as the sole composer, arranger, and performer. Everyone in this group is a fantastic, nuanced writer. I am biased. I’m still allowed to think my friends are special– isn’t that the point of having friends?

In the meantime, Juniper Ginger remains an artistic vehicle for my moments of solitude. I am looking forward to hosting this show in Portland on February 1st. I’m also looking forward to more out-of-state shows this year.

Be kind & listen well,



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